Episode 23: The Effects of a Tandem Kayak with Caitlyn Paley

Back like your monthly paycheck, check out Episode 23: The Effects of a Tandem Kayak with the indomitable poet and editor extraordinaire Caitlyn Paley. We discuss Misty, the art of knuckling, confronting the zeitgeist, women in small press publishing, submission as art as process, the needs of the magazine when the work has its own suspense, looking fear in the face so you can get all Caitlyn Paley about it, and generally how readers destroy the words that they read. And in What’s On My Desk, I get all fifth generation immigrant Chuck Norford on Lee Busby’s ” The Origin’s of Blackbird.” So clip your toenails, dry out your moist clothing line, engage the bottle and the class, but either way give us a listen without end.


Caitlyn Paley is the founder and editor-in-chief of 491 Magazine. Her work has appeared in The Austin Review, Metazen, Moria Poetry Journal, Shampoo, andOtoliths, among others. Caitlyn received her MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts.

Also check out the work of Lee Busby, order now, 5th Generation Immigrant.


2 responses to “Episode 23: The Effects of a Tandem Kayak with Caitlyn Paley

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