Episode 22: A Universe in Every Heart with Sarah Certa

Holy Hiatus Batman! We’re back! Come check out Episode 22: a universe in every heart with Sarah Certa! We discuss the impression of the image on the page, poetry, hip hop dance inspiration, writing through the noise, workings of the human body, objectification, and making brash statements that will hopefully turn out to be untrue, maybe. So welcome back everybody, come on in, pour a glass of something, anything, and give a listen:

sarah certa

Sarah Certa was born in Germany in 1987. She is the author of RED PAPER HEART, a limited-edition chapbook from Zoo Cake Press (2013, free e-version now available). Her poems have been published in Narrative Magazine, B O D Y, Connotation Press, smoking glue gun, PANK, and many other journals. Her second chapbook JULIET (I) is forthcoming from H_NGM_N this fall. She lives in Minnesota. You can find her online at sarahcerta.tumblr.com.

Check out the pdf of Red Paper Heart Here.

Also check out Venthttp://noapologies-vent.com




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