Episode Zero: Why can’t we be friends?

In what I’m calling Episode Zero, Written in Small Spaces is unleashed on the world. I talk about friendship and being an artist, birthdays and Facebook, with some brief discussion of Joshua Edwards’s Imperial Nostalgias and Sasha Steensen’s The Method. So kick back and have a listen because this is only the beginning friends…

Joshua Edwards Imperial Nostalgias: http://www.uglyducklingpresse.org/catalog/browse/item/?pubID=230

Sasha Seensen The Method: http://www.fenceportal.org/?page_id=279


2 responses to “Episode Zero: Why can’t we be friends?

  1. Lots of relatable internal conflict and personal challenges. A good listen while I bathe in front of my happy* light and refill my tank of heart energy for the day.

    A new avenue
    an opening to my friends
    I cross and give heart

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