Episode 21: Where Have You Been? with Rimas Blekaitis

Rimas BlekaitisCheck out Episode 21: Where Have You Been? we got some announcements, predictions for the future with the amazing Rimas Blekaitis, we talk about the Second Generation, establishing roots, finding a home, the beauty of art in words and film, if nothing else Rimas just takes us on a wonderful ride. In What’s On my Desk this week, I briefly discuss the terrifying work that is Tampa by Alissa Nutting. So keep wandering around the gate, I’m sure the Caribou Coffee will be open soon, God knows they should have kept the Sam Adams bar open longer, or maybe winter’s making a last stand and you’re just sitting at home. Please. Enjoy:

Rimas Blekaitis is adrift in the wide, shallow sea of his “crappy novel” project, constantly on the lookout for pieces of debris on which he can stay afloat, the better to see the migrations of efflorescent sea-horses and gauge his progress in the currents. He thus also gains insight into the movements of certain characters’ minds. As he also has aspirations as a contemplative, he’s mindful of the fact that the drifting itself can be quite addictive. He is a graduate of the Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing program at the Vermont College of Fine Arts and has produced seven reviews for the Washington Independent Review of Books.


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