Episode 17: When Truth Goes Snikt with Steve Rucker…& all hail “Goat Caitlyn”

steveWe’re here again with Episode 17: When Truth Goes Snikt with writer and generally awesome human being, Steve Rucker. We discuss the characteristics of Wolverine, the art of truthiness, streamlining the story, writing as punishment, making the discoveries, being a Dad and knowing when the work is second. Finally, in what’s on my desk this week I take a look at  “Goat Caitlyn” by the incredibly talented and amazing Caitlyn Paley up at Metazen. So button down the hatches, blend up some words or a nice banana smoothie, put your feet in the bath and give us a listen!

Steve Rucker
Steve received his M.F.A in Writing at the Vermont College of Fine Arts where he worked alongside writers such as Sue William Silverman, Robert Vivian, Abby Frucht, and Larry Sutin. He has also received his M.A. in Writing from Missouri State University, where he taught creative writing for two years. He has published his work in Numéro Cinq, Elder Mountain, and Upstreet, and his essay regarding the life and work of Raymond Carver appears in Research Guide to American Literature: Contemporary Literature 1970 – Present. He is currently developing a collection of essays about his experience in the Air Force, entitled Fraud, Waste, and Abuse.

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Check out “Goat Caitlyn” by Caitlyn Paley here.

Also, get a copy of Every Word Was Once Drunk, here.



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