Episode 12: Merry Christmas Charlie Geoghegan-Clements with Charlie Geoghegan-Clements

Charlie house of gablesIt’s Episode 12: Merry Christmas Charlie Geoghegan-Celements with our guest Charlie Geoghegan-Celements we get into the holiday spirit with a discussion on writing, the process of being together in the electric boogaloo while writing to Drake and Black Metal, and of course the art of comics and Batman. With Holiday classics from Charlie Brown to Nerf Herder to Ludacris and the chance meeting of Bing and Bowie. Get out some hot chocolate, start hanging the lights, get out a candy-cane or two and give us a listen. Happy Holidays!

Aside from a curious half-decade in Georgia, Charlie Geoghegan-Clements has spent his life in New England. He has most recently been published in theNewerYork, Marco Polo Quarterly, Tin House, Prick of the Spindleand Scissors and SpackleHe frequently bumps into things and his truest love is for candy corn.

Here’s the link to the Mary Ruefle essay discussed at the top of the show: Recollections of My Christmas Tree



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