Episode 09: Feeding the Unprecedented History of the World with Liz Blood in honor of Orion

liz bloodEpisode 09: Feeding the Unprecedented History of the World with Liz Blood. In this week’s episode we arrive late but give homage and honor to our poetic companion, the Orion. Also with the wonderful writer Liz Blood we discuss beginnings, struggles, and the rivers of writing and creation we all traverse. I know things get dark but it’s a hell of a ride. In memory of Orion 9/4/05–11/30/13. Please Enjoy.



the bubs

Liz Blood is a writer who lives in Oklahoma City. She is a graduate of the MFA in writing program at Vermont College of Fine Arts, where she studied creative nonfiction. Currently she freelances for a few local Oklahoma publications and businesses and is working on a documentary project. She has been published by Hunger Mountain, Numero Cinq, Oklahoma Today, and Delta Sky Magazine. With the approaching new year, Liz resolves to write more.


The Rilke poem discussed translated by Edward Snow:


Solitude is like a rain.

It rises from the sea toward evening;

from plains, which are distant and remote,

it goes to the sky, which always has it.

And only then it falls from the sky on the city.


It rains down the in-between hours,

when all the crooked streets turn toward morning,

and when the bodies, which found nothing,

leave each other feeling sad and disappointed;

and when the people, who hate each other,

have to sleep together in one bed:

then solitude flows with the rivers…


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