Episode 07: A Cycle of Instinct with Elizabeth Evans…training in Black & White

elizabeth evansWe express these most unexpected blasts of light, followed by laughter and a good deal of fun with the artist Elizabeth Evans. Please check out some of her artwork posted below as well as her website elizabethevansart.com. Also we go all Batman Black and White. Enjoy.

If you’re in the Richmond area be sure to check out Elizabeth Evans’s showing at Cafe Rustica.

Elizabeth Evans attended VCU for painting and printmaking. She made her first bra in 1989 to wear to a party in NYC where women had to wear breastplates and men codpieces. About a year later she made a few for friends. She started getting serious about them in ’92 and had her first show at Zues gallery cafe in ’95. She has since had her work hanging in local businesses around the Richmond area. In 2005 she met a woman named Amalia Pissario, who liked her bras, but thought Elizabeth needed to make them more of a piece of artwork. That is when Elizabeth added the backgrounds. She enjoys all the different mediums she uses and figuring out how to make her ideas work, either aesthetically or just logistically. Her work has also shown at The Gallery and the Main Library for first Fridays along with many restaurants and bookstores.

Elizabeth Evans in her own words: “While bras are the one constant, the themes and the work on which they are attached vary. I experiment with different materials such as wood, cardboard, plexiglass, collage, paint and screen. On “Stare” I layered screen to portray a woman waiting upstairs for her lover. In “Mother’s Milk” collage represents the Madonna breast feeding the baby Jesus-the same bond all mothers feel with their infant. We come back round to cupcakes, fortune cookies and 50′s kitsch housewives. Its all about the fun.”



Oooh Lala:


Jane Mansfield:


and then there was the Batman:

Rule Number One

Rule Number One


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